Immigration and Nationality

Permanent Residence

Our clients who successfully apply for an immigrant visa are provided with permanent residency status and are issued a “Green Card.” A Green Card can be obtained by one of the following methods:

Family Based Petition

US citizens and permanent residents can request that permanent residency by granted to their immediate family members, given that they can demonstrate that they can financially support them in the US.

Labor Certification

Employers may request permanent residency for an employee, provided that it can be demonstrated through a labor certification process that the alien employee will not be taking a job from US citizens or LPR’S and the salary and conditions of the job offered are those prevailing in the industry.


Immigration status sought by a person either entering the US or already physically in the US who has a reasonable fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion, if forced to return to their country of last residence.

Non Immigrant Visa

Temporary in their nature, non-immigrant visas apply to those who want to enter the USA for a specific yet temporary purpose, such as a visit, study, or work.


Naturalization is a process that allows foreign-born persons to obtain citizenship in the United States. Once granted citizenship, foreign-born persons are granted the same rights as American-born citizens including eligibility for an American passport.


Aliens unlawfully present in the US are subject to removal from the US. Specific circumstances, such as manner of entry, length of residence in the US and family ties, can sometimes assist an alien in not being removed. Even lawful permanent residents can be removed if they violate the law or stay out of the US for too long.

Criminal Alien Deportation/Removal

Any person who is not a US citizen, including lawful permanent residents, can be deported/removed because of a criminal conviction. With over 30 years of experience, W&B has successfully completed thousands of cases encompassing waivers such as Cancellation of Removal 212(C) 212 (h). Adjustment of Status, and 237(a)(1)(H).

Business Immigration

We provide immigration law representation for both employers and future/current employees in all immigration law contexts. Our clientele ranges from large public corporations to smaller family owned businesses and their employees, and we help facilitate the issuance of an employee’s temporary work visa as well as the processing of their permanent resident (“Green Card”) status.
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