JUUL E-Cigarettes May Be Addictive to Young Vapers

Researchers and teachers agree that JUUL vaping devices and e-cigarettes may be highly addictive to teens. According to some researchers, the design of these gadgets allows vapers to get a higher dose of nicotine, which can lead to addiction.
Teachers say they see the effects of these vaping devices when they confiscate them from the students. They may beg to get their e-cigarettes or vaping devices back because they don’t feel good. The withdrawal symptoms appear to be rather intense.

Research Indicates that Vaping Devices are More Addictive

Researchers believe that the pod-style devices are designed to cause addiction. They also indicate that the design and marketing of the devices make them more appealing to teens.
JUUL argues that their products aren’t intended for the underage consumer. They claim they have created a device that helps smokers get weaned away from traditional cigarettes. They say it is critical to use the current design to transition the smoker away from their current cigarettes.
In the latest research, a team reviewed 35 papers that have been written on pod-based electronic cigarettes from 2015 to 2019. E-cigarettes that use pods contain a higher level of nicotine salts over free nicotine. What this means is the salts contain less acid and don’t irritate the vaper as much. They can vape more often, which allows them to get more nicotine than with other products.
This design also makes it easier for teens who are just beginning to experiment because they aren’t hit with the harsh vapor from inhaling. At the same time, they often get exposed to more nicotine, which can lead to dependence on e-cigarettes and addiction. The researchers claim that vaping is comfortable enough to allow people to get sick from the nicotine.
Vapers have admitted that once they switched to vaping from traditional cigarettes, they couldn’t stop puffing on the device. They would continue until they became nauseous and vomited, which is a sign of too much nicotine in the system.
What makes these devices even more dangerous is the sleek and discreet design. They look more like flash drives and can easily be hidden in backpacks, pockets and purses. Teens are bombarded by advertising, especially on social media because they spend more time with social networking.

A Ban Isn’t Enough

The FDA banned the sale of flavored pod-based vaping devices in 2019 to reduce the appeal for teens. However, some manufacturers have already figured a way around the ban by introducing disposable e-cigarettes, which aren’t included in the ban.
Disposable devices are affordable at around $10 apiece with liquid for around 300 puffs. Once the device is used, it can be thrown away. The price point and appealing flavors make this another product that may entice teens into vaping. At the same time, it can lead to addiction and a host of health issues down the road. Government agencies and non-profit organizations are calling vaping an epidemic that needs to be dealt with as more teens try out these products.