What is IDNYC and why do I need it?

IDNYC is a municipal identification card program offered by the City of New York. The IDNYC card is available to all New York City residents, regardless of their immigration status, and can be used as a valid form of identification for many purposes.

The IDNYC card was created to provide city residents with a government-issued identification card that is widely accepted and can be used to access a variety of services and benefits. Some of the key features of the IDNYC card include the following:

  • Acceptance as a valid form of identification by many businesses, institutions, and agencies
  • Access to city services and programs, including cultural institutions and discounts on prescriptions
  • The ability to open a bank account or get a library card


The IDNYC card is available to all New York City residents who are at least 10 years old and can provide proof of identity and residency. The application process is simple and can be done online or at one of the city’s IDNYC enrollment centers.

Overall, the IDNYC card is an important tool for helping New York City residents to access services, open bank accounts, and participate fully in the life of the city. It is a key part of New York’s commitment to supporting immigrants and promoting inclusivity.

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